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Barbarians At The Plates

Eat, Drink and be Merry

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This is a Once-A-Month Dining Community situated in Sydney, Australia. The aim is to all attend a nominated Restaurant (approximately once a month) and partake in cuisine which may be well-known, or may be new to you, yet is recommended by someone who has experienced it, all in good company. The idea is social and something not in the middle of a noisy set of bass-speakers. Add to that, every few months we attend a degustation, which is more pricey yet, a complete sampling of a suggested restaurant's/chef's specialities.

Feel free to suggest membership to other people, who would get along with this slightly eclectic (and eccentric) group. However, please remember that "Fine dining is a social and sociable occasion in which good manners and respect aids to one rising above the level of the common gastonome."